My Services

My Services

My individual counselling and consultation services are offered in a confidential setting that is located on a major Victoria/Saanich bus route (Route No. 22). 

I offer treatment for the following behaviours:


1. Internet Pornography: chronic internet pornography use exists at pandemic levels among adult males, youth and even children. Simply referring to internet pornography as an "addiction" is unsupported in clinical research literature, and a potentially dangerous practice. For instance, some forms of internet pornography, particularly types featuring children, reflect potentially serious -- but treatable -- mental health issues. These matters are difficult and embarrassing to talk about. That's why sufferers need the services of professionals.

My services are clinically informed by the most up-to-date research on internet pornography use. Contemporary clinical literature is beginning to distinguish between online pornography users and other types of sexual offenders.  

2. Assessment: I also work closely with a number of defence counsel located on Vancouver Island in terms of providing assessment and treatment for criminally charged individuals.

3. Forensic Follow-up: For those who are engaged in court-ordered treatment programs, I also offer individual assistance with your treatment goals and homework assignments, as well as FORENSIC FOLLOW-UP after court-ordered treatment has ended.

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Expect to be treated with compassion, acceptance and understanding, regardless of the behaviour you are struggling to overcome.